The Healthier Gel Polish.

Featuring Unity all-in-one, the Original Professional Gel Polish with Top, Base, Colour and Nail strengthener all-in-one ground breaking bottle of Bio Seaweed Gel.

Perfect Pedicure Product 1 STEP: for the feet always no top, no base, no cleansers (no sticky finish). Just two coats of colour for the quickest high shine gel pedicure. UV/LED cured to the touch in 2 minutes. Paint, Cure and Go.
For The Hands 3 STEPS: for longer lasting shine and durability, apply No-Sanding Base Gel Polish, apply Unity all-in-one Colour Gel Polish, finish with BSG Diamond Shine Top Gel Polish.

FOR WEAK NAILS, after application of No-Sanding Base Gel Polish, apply 1 coat of Bio Seaweed Builder Gel. Formaldehyde, Toluene, DPB, BHA and Solvent FREE

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